What is called Blackjack today was played around 1700 in Paris as a similar card game called Vingt et un (twenty one).

To German Twenty-one or Seventeen and Four. Today blackjack is played with six packages of 52 sheets each, so 312 cards. In the normal casino as well as in the on-line casino the play is played on a semicircular table. This has the meaning that several players or professional players can participate in the game at the same time. On the straight side of the table sits the croupier, opposite up to seven players can take place.

About blackjack history

In 1789, French Revolution, immediately after the game came to America, probably with some nobles who could save themselves from the guillotine. However, it was a not very popular casino game until the rules were changed to increase the players’ chances. And that is still the reason why the game is one of the most popular casino games out there.

In the 1970s, there was a famous twist when some students at the MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, nearly bankrupted the casinos in Las Vegas, using a system called “card counting” and making huge profits helped. Only through the perseverance of a detective succeeded to explore this and exclude from the game.

But back to the beginning; In America, the game soon got the common name of Blackjack, when the player reached the highest possible score of 21 with only 2 cards, with a ace of spades and a blackjack, a cross or a spades, then paid Bank the profit 10 to 1 out.

And even today, blackjack is one of the most-paying casino games. Up to 99.80 percent of the stakes are paid out as a profit.
However, it has even happened to us that a blackjack table set up at a charity event operated by professional croupiers of American Casino nearly had a negative outcome that night. A croupier, then addressed, said that without further ado it is possible for a table to play at a loss for the casino throughout the evening.

In 1910, the United States government passed a law that condemned casino games as illegal.

But what then did not work with alcohol from 1917 to 1933, of course, was already doomed to failure in 1910. For the more the order keepers tried, the more the casino game became an underground game. That was also the birth of the mafia, which could spread there of course, because it is almost impossible to ban the play impulse of the people, I would even say that the play instinct brought humanity only as far as it is today. If all is well, we may prefer to leave it to future generations.

When even the most conservative human had to realize that it would be better to allow the casino game in public, they tried to ban the casinos to Nevada in the desert. But they had to learn more, Las Vegas is booming, to this day, despite the online casinos, the meeting of people is just important.

Today, you can play blackjack from the comfort of your own home, it’s straightforward, and if you’re using a casino recommended by the online casino portal, you’re safe as well, as we’re thoroughly testing each casino for quick payouts.

Blackjack, a very popular game

Blackjack is so popular because it’s easy to learn. The cards always count the value printed, in the jack, queen, king the value is always 10. For the ace, it is either 1 or 11, whichever is better for the player. The goal of the game is of course to come to the 21, if possible with 2 cards. If the croupier also has 21, unfortunately you won nothing, but lost nothing. The advantage of blackjack, of course, is that the croupier has to keep buying and of course it is easier to get over the 21, which means losing the game to the casino. You can always stand by the word “stand” and hope that the casino overbought, that is, more than 21 eyes pulls. The croupier is required to draw more cards until at least 17 eyes. That’s why the Spie is also called 17 and 4.

That’s why Blackjack is so popular because the winning odds are huge. You should always play in an online casino at a blackjack table, where as many players as possible, so that as many cards are spent, because so you can best watch the issued cards, because in online casinos, the cards after each game new mixed. But even there you can get your advantage. If a lot of cards are already out there, the odds increase enormously. In the meantime, of course, there are still some options that the casinos have invented to increase the chances of winning blackjack casinos. So you can bet in certain casinos on whether the number will be over or under thirteen. We advise against this method but from, because it only increases the profit opportunities of casinos.

Pay attention to online blackjack

You can play free Blackjack for practice purposes at most of our recommended and controlled online casinos, but of course you will not receive the winnings.

All online casinos offer their new customers very high bonuses, but you should read the respective conditions carefully and if necessary ask the support urgently until you understand everything very well, because these conditions are often very complicated and equipped with certain pitfalls.

About the rules for successfully playing blackjack in online casinos.
Hit: take another card
Stand: Do not buy another card
Doubling: You can double the bet if you hold 2 cards, but then only gets 1 more card.
Splitting: You can share a pair, you play for double the sum.

The latest trend is currently online blackjack multiplayer games. Here you not only play against the casino but also against the other blackjack players. This variant seems to be very popular at the moment, but is currently only offered by some casinos. But the jackpots can be very attractive there and get a lot of thrills. So just give it a try.

If you feel like doing it, but are afraid of the financial risk, then just play the free version, which offers just about every online casino. Here you can safely learn, we would recommend this to you in every casino game, because it has not fallen master before the sky, and it is of course easier to lose only play money, than real money, with the game you better wait until you have the respective Surely master the game and can probably win nice prizes.

We would like to point out the bonus that all online casinos offer to new customers, but there are always some promotions that offer a bonus every time you get started, but there are very few online casinos that offer the bonus to Blackjack accept, because there the possibility of a profit is very high, so please always read the conditions exactly, possibly also accept a lower bonus and use the bonus also in blackjack. We hope to have entertained you with this little overview of the Blackjack game and perhaps also found one or two new ones for you.